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Have You Been Harmed By Your Bad Credit?

Have You Been the Prey for Credit Bureaus Because of; Late Payments, Foreclosure, Automobile Repossession, Denial of Credit or Even Bankruptcy?

Read This Short Letter to See How You Can Raise Your Credit Score 100-130+ Points in Less Than 3 Months With Less Than 10 Hours of Work!


Dear Web Visitor;

I have been involved with the credit industry for well over 20 years in several different fields; one of which was actually working for a major credit bureau. Year after year I came across thousands of Americans with credit problems that seemed never ending. After seeing this over and over, I started to do some research on how and why these people were having such trouble. After a few short months, I came to the conclusion that over 85% of the problems could be fixed, corrected or eliminated with very little effort on the part of the credit victim. 

If you have any questions of my credentials please read about me and view all of the testimonials below. I am not working out of someone's basement. I run a complete credit repair program in our office for all of my clients day in and day out. My company is the only one that has actually rewritten their program throughout the years to keep up with the times.

I am not asking for a large investment and I do not like credit bureaus. After working for one I have uncovered their "tactics" that they use to avoid accurately verifying information. These bureaus should ultimately be closed by the government for deceiving the public.

Please read below and make the decision for a better life!


Richard Mullins


FACT: Six out of ten Americans are victims of a "bad credit rating." This plague is spread by the credit bureaus and the credit card companies that entice and trap ordinary Americans, so they wind up facing financial ruin.

FACT: You can quickly restore your credit rating...And with the right information, it's something you can do for yourself, quite easily.

FACT: Fixing your own credit rating is perfectly legal in every state. You can completely restore your credit rating from the comfort and privacy of your own home.

FACT: You can get a credit card even with bad credit, GUARANTEED!

FACT: Most Americans with credit problems will need to get a second job in the next month just to keep utilities on at their home.

FACT: Even if you paid your creditors in full, every time you apply for credit or even a job, you are haunted and embarrassed by the left-over scars of late payments on your credit rating.

FACT: You don't need a lawyer to fix your credit.

FACT: You don't need a tax or financial professional to fix your credit.

FACT: You don't need to pay thousands to hire a credit repair agency.



Importance of Good Credit...We all know how important credit is in our lives. Without credit you can't rent a car, book a hotel, travel, borrow money, get a mortgage? Need I go on? The list is endless, and I think you get the idea.

When You have Bad Credit You Have to:

  • Pay a higher deposit for renting an apartment
  • Pay a deposit for using everyday utilities (cable, electricity and water)
  • Pay more for insurance (life, health, auto, home, boat etc.)
  • Pay a higher interest rate on automobile loans
  • Pay a higher interest rate on home loans
  • Pay more for EVERYTHING!


Former credit bureau employee with over 20 years of experience involving credit scores and credit repair shares all secrets to raising your credit fast and permanently.

Don't Be One of the Unlucky Americans That is Held Back by Banks and Credit Agencies

Why Do Banks Do This?

The majority of problems I used to encounter when working for one of the main three credit bureaus could have been easily fixed without much hassle. The major reason why this is not done is because borrowers with a lower credit score have to pay more to the bank. Banks are not dumb and this is not their first time dealing with a borrower when you walk in the door.

Let's go step by step through a regular loan process when you are interested in purchasing a car.

  1. You pick out the car you want and you negotiate a price with the sale person.

  2. You explain you will be putting down "X"%, sign some paperwork and the sales person goes into their back office room and makes you wait for 30 minutes. He is currently running your credit while also checking to see if their dealership wants the debt or if they are going to bring in a third party bank.

  3. Lets says they want to use a third party bank. The bank representative receives the fax from the sales person and they look over everything on the application. After running your credit they become aware that your score is not considered "good" by their bank. A regular interest rate of 5-6% for your car is now near 9-10%!

  4. The sales person goes back to you and you are forced to a make a decision that might haunt you for the next 5-6 years! Adding 4-5% to a car loan or any loan for that matter will quickly add at least $70 to your monthly car payment.

Now back to the bank, they know you are going to pay 95% of the time and if you don't they can take their car from you for almost no cost to them to resell. When they review your credit, the bank representatives can pick up these "errors" on your credit report that have dropped your score. They know they are errors but if they lock a higher rate for your car loan they are getting a bigger commission while the bank is making more money (almost an extra $1,000/year in this instance) So why are they charging this high rate? The simple answer is because they can!

How Can Banks Do This? Aren't There Laws to Protect us?

Banks can practice like this because they use your credit score as the reason for everything.

He is paying a higher rate for his car loan because of his credit or she has to put down more for that house because of her credit. There is only one party that benefits during this process and it is the banks! Since all banks are in business to make lots and lots of money and provide nice returns for their shareholders, the average American is left holding the bag.

Yes, there are laws in place to protect honest people just like you from not getting caught up in this mess but, you have to know what to do and how to act. These laws put in place require the credit holder to contact the bureaus directly. THIS IS WHY PAYING FOR A CREDIT REPAIR SERVICE DOES NOT WORK! Since credit bureaus work directly with banks all day they are kept in business by banks, they are not going to fix the problems for you just to be nice. However, they are required by law to change/update this information once they have been made aware of it directly by the credit holder.

  How Am I Supposed to Know This?

You're not! If this was supposed to be a known subject, banks and credit bureaus would run classes, print literature and post this information online trying to explain why and how to build/fix your credit. O yeah I almost forgot, if they did that they would be out of business!

110 million Americans have supposedly "Bad Credit," that is about 1/3 of Americans. So if this is true how are banks in business? If they have "true" bad credit, then 33% of people must not be paying their bills. If this were true banks would be out of business! Banks can only afford to have 4% to no more than 6% of their loans go bad and still stay in business. Don't believe me? Over 150 banks have gone out of business in 2004-2008 alone when only 5% of people stopped paying their mortgages during the sub-prime mess.

What Does This Prove?

It proves that if 33% of people were actually not paying their bills then how are banks in business? There is a window of 27%-29% of people today in the US that ARE paying their bills ON TIME but still have bad credit!

Don't Be One Of These People.


How Will This Credit Repair Kit Save Me Money?


What will an extra 100-130 points on my credit score do?

Scenario #1:

You have a $15,000 credit balance that you are planning on paying off in 5 years.

Interest Rate: 22%

Monthly Payment: $414.28


Now, you have the same $15,000 credit balance that you are planning on paying off in 5 years. Lets say you only cut off 8% from your credit card interest rate.

New Interest Rate: 14%

New Monthly Payment: $349.02

You have just saved over $65/month or over $3,900 during the lifetime of the loan!


Scenario #2:

You have a $185,000 mortgage that is fixed for 30 years.

Interest Rate: 8%

Monthly Payment: $1357.46


Now, you have the same $185,000 mortgage that is fixed for 30 years.

Lets say you only cut off 2% from your mortgage interest rate.

New Interest Rate: 6%

New Monthly Payment: $1109.17

You have just saved over $248/month or over $89,000 during the lifetime of the loan!



Should I Use a Law Firm and Pay $800-$1500?

No, No, No

These law firms and so called credit repair agencies always used to cause the credit bureau I worked for much trouble. Trust me, you don't want to make trouble for the people who hold your future in their hands. These so called agencies would charge a person with bad credit thousands of dollars for sending out a few letters and they never guarantee anything.

The letters they send don't create trouble for the bureaus but when they start placing your bad credit score with different people who have good credit scores which makes trouble and causes confusion. Honestly, this method used to work but the bureaus caught on late in the 1990s to what was happening and they starting penalizing the persons involved. Who knows how bad they are punishing people today who still use these tactics to fraud the bureaus. Protect your privacy and don't divulge your personal information to some stranger who will do who knows what with it. 

This kit is very straight forward. My program includes over 500 pages of reference materials to answer any and all questions surrounding credit. It explains how scores are calculated, exactly how many points a particular action will add or subtract from your score, how to add 40 points to your score in under one hour and much much more. You do not have to read the whole book just scan the table of contents for your troubled spots after reviewing your credit report and start fixing!

I have included over 20 prewritten letters, just add your name, date etc. and print. Each letter represents a different common problem that can be corrected. So if you have 4 problems on your credit report you can find the corresponding letters that needs to be quickly edited and sent to the bureaus.

Don't go another day with bad credit. Bad credit is big business for all types of banks and lending institutions that make millions each month charging you the card holder more money. If it is higher rates, late fees, application fees, deposits or setup fees, the bank gets the money from your pockets to theirs.

"You can quickly and permanently fix your credit when using my tested and proven credit repair program!"


Why Do I Need This Kit to Fix My Credit?

This is a very good questions especially with so many different competitors on the market and internet today, persons searching to improve their credit can feel overwhelmed with the choices. You want to repair your credit, you don't want 20 different ebooks on all different subjects that have been pasted for years all over the internet. We provide a proven and tested system that will repair your credit, that is a fact! There is no question in my mind that it will work for you since it has worked for nearly 50,000 other persons in your same position.

Anyone can type up information into a few pages and sell it to people over the internet and never speak with them again. Our system is a program and a course with support that is provided by myself and my staff for the length of time it takes you to improve your credit. You can rest assured that credit will be increased to a healthy level within months, not years. What do you have to lose? We offer a 100% money back guarantee on all of our programs if you are not fully satisfied!

Many people will email and ask if they can do this by themselves without my help and my answer is a honest, yes. You can fix your credit by researching, writing and sending letters. It will probably take you hundreds of hours full of research and writing to raise your credit while taking an additional year or two for the credit agencies to make any changes. Is this worth it? Do you want creditors calling you for money for the next 2 years? Of course not.

Don't waste another second wondering what to do. Click below and start your way to a better future.




"I just purchased my credit kit and (within) 2 days I was able to erase my Ex's delinquent credit card from my report. Thanks Richard and comp."

Chantal Rodican - Bridgeport, Connecticut


"Rich, honestly we were a little skeptical about this program but I received the information and I was emailing back and forth with Nick in your office and we finally got off the main killer on my credit report. I think my report should go up by atleast 30 points." many thank yous from myself and my family. PPS Nick was very helpful."

Andy Brown and Family - San Jose, California


"Great. Great. Great. Keep up the good work. I just applied and was approved for a $10,000 unsecured loan!!!!!!" Please put this on your website.

Luis Colon - Columbus, Ohio


"I can't express to you how helpful this information has been. Thanks a million."

Monique Patrick - Newark, Jew Jersey


1st letter: "hi Rich,
first let me tell you this is the second time i've contacted you for advice, and i hope you respond as quickly and positivly this time as before. ok, i wasn't sure i believed the hype with your credit repair, so i only wrote to trans union to start. i am challenging 4 accounts with late payments, 2 paid collection accounts, and numerous inquiries. will you believe that with the very first round 1 collection account and 2 late payment accounts were removed."

2nd letter: "...did i mention my credit score raised 67 points in the first round?" your the man"

Jeremy Black - Belleville, Michigan


"Rich, I bought your course yesterday and today I erased two outstanding "bad debts" totaling almost $10,000 from my report. There were not mine and I did not know how to proceed. I have just saved myself thousands.

Please tell people what I have learned in the past 24 hours:

1. Take Rich's advice

2. Don't be overwhelmed

3. Take it step by step and be works"

Debra Howell - Littleton, Colorado


"Premium, I have a weird one for you. I was disputing a late charge on my equifax report for a radio shack card that I have, well I got  back the results a couple of days ago and they actually took it off my credit report my score went up 100 points. Have you ever heard of that in one shot?"

Mike Valley - Liverpool, NY


1st eMail: "Richard,
Hello, I purchased your book online back in December of 2004, and I just wanted to take a moment to personally thank you, this book has been a salvation, I read it from top to bottom, and have been going through the steps as you have laid them out. When I first started and ran my 3 bureau report on Dec. 27th. I was in shock at just how bad my credit was, to give you and idea was Equifax score was a 554…. I am currently on my third round, and getting ready for my 4th in a couple of weeks…. So far, I have got my Equifax score up to a 667… and my TransUnion is up to a 611, my Experian score is unavailable due to my disputes, but I am confident it is up in the mid six hundreds as well…… Also, I have been able to remove a lot of bad entries in each of the 3 bureaus reports…..."

2nd eMail: "Richard,
Again, thanks for the help, your book is a life saver, just ran my 3 bureau report again, Equifax is up 3 more points, and Transunion went up 13 more points. Also, got a letter from Chase that we extremely polite saying they received my letter from the Attorney Generals office, and will look into the matter immediately, hopefully this will get that one gone as well.
Any luck on the new book, I am dying to read this one to see what new info you have put together.
Again, that’s a million."

Brett Callucci - Wilmington, DE


If you have a story you would like to share after purchasing our program please send us an email. We give away free credit reports to customers who send in a testimonial.


What is Included With This Credit Repair Kit?

This is The Information That The Credit Bureaus Don't Want You To Know.

The information here will CHANGE YOUR FINANCIAL LIFE FOR THE BETTER. Curing the credit plague is a science. All you have to do is learn it and apply it...And never look back. Once you understand what the credit bureaus are saying about you to anyone who inquires, it is time to take action. This kit will show you exactly what to do.

You will learn:
  • Step by step approach to quickly and easily removing negative entries from your credit report.
  • How to make the credit bureaus take you SERIOUS!
  • How to deal with responses from the credit bureaus.
  • Exactly what you need to return your credit to a shining "A" rating.
  • That your credit score is harmed when you close a credit card account and how to avoid this.

Getting New Credit and Building Up Existing Credit:

  • Easy techniques of manufacturing good credit for your report
  • How rebuild and add new credit to your report
  • How to get positive credit to quickly show up on your credit file

You Will Discover:

  • How to get your credit report for FREE!
  • How to make reading your credit report a breeze!
  • Key facts about bad credit.
  • The inside secrets to repairing your credit rating.

My Credit Repair Kit Will Include and Explain:

  • Solutions to bad credit
  • Structure of social security numbers
  • Scoring for credit
  • The credit system
  • Credit card insights
  • Six credit card secrets bank's don't want you to know
  • Establish AAA credit in 30 days
  • The lure of bankruptcy
  • Bookkeeping made simple
  • Stop collection agencies in their tracks
  • If someone owes you money
  • Your consumer rights
  • The free credit card trap
  • How to get free rent
  • Improve credit by paying bills later than sooner
  • Signature loans
  • Wipe out debit without bankruptcy
  • Winning the credit card game
  • Obtain a $800 loan by mail interest free
  • Secrets of credit repair
  • Guerilla tactics for a good credit score
  • Remove legitimate bad credit
  • Federal credit laws
  • Legal ways to get the bill collectors off your back
  • Choosing a bank that is right for you
  • How to make money with business financing
  • 50 ways to cut costs
  • Nine ways to lower your car insurance
  • Raise instant cash - guaranteed
  • Consumer rights
  • Bankruptcy
  • Divorce and credit
  • Credit repair companies
  • Skip tracing
  • Tele-terrorists
  • Collect business debts
  • Secrets of the rich
  • Choosing and using credit cards
  • Fair debt collection
  • How to dispute credit errors
  • Managing debts (and sleeping at night)
  • Ready, Set, Credit
  • How to get less junk mail
  • Over 20 pre-made credit bureau letters
  • And more! Over 450 Pages!

My Government Grant Book Will Explain:

  • What Government grants are
  • How to write a grant proposal
  • How to get your share of free money
  • Federal programs by type
  • Government services
  • How to find more grant publications
  • State grant programs for each state
  • The top 100 grant programs
  • Other federal programs
  • Low income assitance
  • Veteran's assistance
  • Artist humanist programs
  • Substance abuse programs
  • Handicapped programs
  • Small business assistance
  • Minority assistance
  • HIV / Aids Programs
  • Employment / Development / Training
  • 600 Pages of Information!

There is so much information, I could not possibly list it all here. What you have just read is only a small sample of the CRUCIAL information that you will get in our new kit. If you're thinking about restoring your credit rating you NEED this
kind of straight up information. If you want to save time and money, avoid mistakes and possibly disastrous situations and learn the insiders' secrets that others wish they knew BEFORE they approached the credit bureaus, this information is CRUCIAL.

If you want to order, we insist you do so entirely at our risk. That is why this kit comes with a…NO RISK, 100% Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee. There is absolutely NO RISK on your part with this 90 day 100% Money-Back Guarantee. What we mean is that we want you to order without feeling you might "get taken." Therefore, we want you to order this material today…read it, use it…if for any reason you aren't completely satisfied, simply return it for an immediate refund of your purchase price.


Guaranteed Satisfaction

We GUARANTEE that this kit, letters along with the books will be the best, most informative few bucks you have ever spent on improving your financial situation OR YOUR MONEY BACK! No questions asked!


The Complete Credit Repair Kit





The Complete Credit Repair Kit w/SUPPORT

and Government Grant Book






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